Deluxe+ Hotel TV

Vestel's Deluxe+ Hotel TV solution has many capabilities which make it a powerful solution for hotels and hospitals.

Many features for the comfort of the user and the customers are available:

Smart Channel Listing: Channels can be selected by country or genre.

USB Cloning: Serves a fast way to copy settings from one TV to another.

Welcome Screen: Custom welcome page for individual customer.

Multi IR: Multi-IR remote control can be assigned to a different TV with no signal interference from other remote controls.

Anti-theft cover: Provides security for remote control battery theft.

Wake-up alarm: Allows guests to set up a wake-up time on the TV.

OSD Disable: Allows you to prevent guests from changing the installation settings.

Volume Control: Sets the minimum and maximum volume levels to prevent noise disturbance.

Vestel Smart Center: provides seamless mobile tablet application on iOS and Android devices. Smart Remote App allows you to use your Smart Phone / Tablet PC as a remote controller, keyboard and mouse.