Bottom Freezer

Bottom Freezers are two door fridge-freezers where the freezer is located in the bottom section of the fridge. With an eye-level design, consumers can easily reach food in the fridge compartment for quick access to daily items and access the freezer compartment when frozen produce is needed.

Vestel provides a wide range of bottom freezer productswith varying configurations, capacities and dimensions.

Vestel also has many technologies to provide highly efficient cooling solutions:

Our Automatic defrost system prevents ice accumulation inside freezer allowing the consumer to use the appliance without worrying about ice build-ups and having to manually defrost the freezer.

Special compartments such as a crisper zone with humidity control provide longer freshness.

Separate cooling systems provide better temperature stabilization and also increase food preservation.

Vestel products are highly energy efficient, stylish with different color options.

A wide variety of accessories are available including electronic controls with different display options and different handles allowing for a great degree of personalization to ensure differentiation from other brands.