Zorlu Group

The foundations of this success story were laid in the 1950s in the little town of Babadağ in southwestern Turkey. Zorlu Holding, having a special importance in the Turkish economy through its production, export and employment figures and its ability to compete in international markets, continues its journey with world standard products-services and with a target of sustainable success.

With its entrepreneurial and innovative structure, advanced facilities that move the Turkish industry forward and non-stop local and international investments, Zorlu Holding is one of the most powerful companies contributing to the improvement of the Turkish industry.

Zorlu Group, having a constant renewal and adding value to the society with its successful and pioneer activities in all the fields the company operates in since its establishment, puts into practice various exemplarily projects in textile, white goods, information technologies, energy and lastly in real estate fields.

Today, with 57 companies and approximately 23 thousand employees, Zorlu Holding is working for the future of Turkey and the quality of life of the Turkish people.

Vestel Group of Companies composed of 24 companies operating in electronics, household appliances mobile technologies, LED Ligthing, defense -12 located in Turkey and 12 abroad- proves the powerful presence of Zorlu Holding in electronics and household appliances.

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Electronic Products, White Goods and Information Technology

Vestel Group of Companies composed of 24 companies operating in electronics, white goods and information technologies -12 located in Turkey and 12 abroad- proves the powerful presence of Zorlu Holding in electronic and white goods.

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With a total of 16 companies, 12 of which located in Turkey and 5 located abroad. Zorlu Energy Group is one of the powerful companies of the Turkish energy sector. The Group, realizing all the phases of energy production from preparing the projects of the plants and installation to operating and maintaining the same, offers its “turn key” services not only Turkey but also in Europe, Asia and Middle East.

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Home Textile, Polyester Yarn

Zorlu Textile Group's principal business activities consist of the production and marketing of yarns and home textile products (curtains, bed sheets, tablecloths, quilt covers, pique sets). Last year, Zorlu Group gathered all its textile activities under a single title which is Zorluteks Textile. The total number of factories and marketing companies of Zorlu Textile located in Turkey, France, Germany, South Africa, United Kingdom, Macedonia and the United States of America, growing beyond the borders of Turkey, has reached 18.

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Real Estate

Zorlu Property aims at developing, on valuable lands both in Turkey and abroad, unique projects meeting expectations at world-class standards. Zorlu Center Project, which has been carried out on the land of the General Directorate of Highways as one of the most important projects of Zorlu Property, aims at bringing a new and different impulse to İstanbul. The project will be the Turkey's first and only "mixed use" project with 5 functions including culture and art center, hotel, business center, shopping center and residences. Zorlu Property has also projects rigorously c onducted at Büyükdere Street, İstanbul and Çankaya, İzmir.


The biggest manufacturer of polyester yarns in Europe and the Middle East

Zorlu Textile

Zorluteks Textile is a leading home textile manufacturer with curtain and home textile manufacturing facilities, marketing company and worldwide known brands

Linens Marketing

The first "Turkish brand" in the comprehensive home textiles chain store segment.

Zorlu Dış Ticaret

Founded in 1998, Zorlu Dış Ticaret AŞ (Zorlu Foreign Trade Inc) is responsible for coordinating all the foreign trade business operations of Zorlu Textiles Group. Structured into Yarns, Curtains, and Sheet/Quilt Cover units, the Company also undertook the management of the Group’s trademark and licensed products in 2004.

Zorlu Mensucat

Zorlu Mensucat is the cornerstone of the Zorlu Group. It was founded in 1953 in Denizli-Babadag by Mehmet Zorlu.